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Full garden design
For clients who want to completely transform their garden space


Initial meeting
This is an initial chat to understand your needs and have a look at the garden. It usually takes about half an hour, after which we will send you a proposal and quotation for the design phase of the work.


If you decide to go ahead with a design, we will meet for a more in-depth consultation about your aspirations, requirements and preferences. This usually takes about an hour and forms the basis of the design brief.



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Site survey
We will measure up and survey the existing elements of the site. This includes analysing the soil, aspect and orientation, moisture levels and drainage. This information is used to create the scale plan of the garden. For small to medium sized gardens, we will usually do the survey ourselves but for larger projects and projects with complex changes in levels, a Land Surveyor will be commissioned.


Design presentation
This is where we present to you a hand-drawn and coloured scale layout design, which takes into consideration the design brief and the site survey. This plan details hard landscaping and all structural planting such as trees and key shrubs. It also includes construction notes for all elements included and a planting palette of perennial plants. Alongside the design we will show you a mood-board of ideas showing colour scheme, examples of hard landscaping materials and plants to give you a real flavour of how the garden will look and feel.


Garden build
Once the layout design is agreed, we can manage the project for you for a project management/design consultancy fee. We will arrange for trusted, tried and tested professional landscapers to quote for the hard landscaping aspects of the construction. We can also provide construction drawings, if required, for structures within the garden (eg pergolas, water features).


We will provide detailed planting plans for each border of the garden with name, number, size and position of plants. If we are supplying and planting up the garden for you, there is no additional charge for this. We do not use 'off the shelf' template plans but individually design plans that take into account the specific conditions of your garden and project how the plants suggested will fill out and work together over time to ensure that your garden will look good from the start and then just get better.



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For us, plants are the most important element of any garden and any that we supply have to be of the highest quality. We source all the plants we use in our designs from trusted nurseries and suppliers and our pricing is extremely competitive.


We oversee deliveries of plants to site, often travelling far afield to nurseries to pick out the best specimens. We prepare borders extremely thoroughly and our team carries out the planting.


Aftercare and Advice
We will provide personalised aftercare and maintenance notes for your garden which remind you when various tasks are required to be undertaken. We can also advise about regular, ongoing maintenance of the garden as it matures.


Just planting
If you don’t want to fully redesign your garden we may be able to transform it by a complete replanting scheme.


We can provide detailed planting plans for existing borders, keeping any plants to be retained and transplanting others worth keeping but which may be in the wrong place. We will breathe new life into the borders by thorough preparation, and then plant them up with a sympathetic new scheme. We provide the very best planting advice, taking into consideration your likes and dislikes, soil type, aspect and prevailing weather conditions.

You will be surprised how with the careful pruning or removal of some existing plants, some solid design principles and some new, carefully chosen planting, a garden can be rejuvenated.

A detailed planting plan includes name, number and position of plants.



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