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Chelsea Flower Show

Nina Baxter, garden designer, and head of an all-woman planting team for Jo Thompson’s show gardens.


The first show I did for [designer] Andy Sturgeon, I did about seven plants in one day. The next day, I asked Andy what he thought. He said, “Well, it could be a bit better.
Maybe start again?” I had to take out everything I’d done. But after a while, your eye locks in and you start to see how it should be – it’s that balance between making everything look natural and not showing vast amounts of soil. more »









Town & Country

Keeping curb appeal
It’s often the case that front gardens tend to be paved over and used as a car park. Nina Baxter explores some options to marry the practicalities of modern life and aesthetics. The traditional image of the front garden – in the UK at least – is a well-tended patch of grass, a couple of small borders and perhaps a few pots to add some colour, a prettily paved path, and a crisply edged front hedge. Many people aspire to this but the realities of modern life in our increasingly developed green and pleasant land with narrow suburban roads, smaller frontages and the increased difficulty of actually parking your car in front of your own house. This has meant the number of front gardens that have been paved over has increased dramatically to a quarter of all dwellings in the UK over the last 10 years. more »





Garden view

At this time of year, as our Indian Summer fades gently into the glowing leaf colours of autumn, foliage comes to the fore in our gardens. We hope for crisp, clear blue skies which will set off the dramatic and fiery reds, oranges and yellows of leaves as they take their swan song before falling. more »





















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